Interstate Electric Corporation

Interstate has been in the same location since 1954. We are an Electric Motor and Pump Repair & Sales Facility. Interstate rewinds and repairs Industrial Three Phase Electric Motors, including vertical, horizontal, slip-ring, and synchronous.  Also, DC motors, Armatures, Generators and Specialty coils.  We repair Electric Motors through 800 HP.   Our Pump repairs include Submersible, Close-Coupled, Vertical Inline, Vertical Turbine, and Split-Case. We offer Specialty Pump Service, furnishing shafts, bearings, bronze bushings, impellers, seals & upgrades for improved performance and lengthening pump life.  Our Field Service includes Removal & Installation of Electric Motors and Pumps, Laser Alignment and Preventative Maintenance Programs. Interstate offers quality work, and materials Inverter Duty/Spike Resistant wire, Class F/H materials. Class H varnish and Quality Bearings.  Our main goal is to keep our customers happy by offering good service, competitive pricing, and quick service to eliminate costly shut down time. 

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